“And what did I get in return? I was Shamed!, Ridicled!, Abused!, Blackmailed!, Raped!, Disrespected!, Cheated on!…”

Remember Twitter Influencer, Tife Fabunmi, who was accused of rape by his former girlfriend Comfort ‘Sansa’ Oroboghene? Tife has come out now to deny the whole accusation and also filed a lawsuit against Sansa. In his lawsuit posted on his Twitter page, Tife demands a video and a written apology from Sansa and also asked that she retract the false allegation of rape she made against him.

Around May 2020, Comfort ‘Sansa’ Oroboghene, was compelled to speak up after it was alleged that she cheated on Tife which made him dump her. Sansa, via her Twitter page, alleged that Tife was an abuser, a blackmailer, and a rapist in the course of their relationship.

She accused Tife of leaking her nudes on Twitter, adding that the whole situation made her unbalanced emotionally and she suffered from anxiety, paranoia, and PTSD. She then denied ever cheating on Tife and said that she loved him as best as she could.

So here is Tife demanding a public apology from Sansa via his Twitter handle

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