Terry - G

If you were born back in the year 1990, and experience the rise of Terry – G in the music industry. Then you can testify that the dude was a bad-ass during his reign from 2000 to 2010.

Terry – G gave the street a whole new vibe, dropping mad jams back to back. back then we saw the street taking a new turn, and that was due to the positive energy he came with. If we were to recall some of his best songs back in the days which got the street dripping, we would be mentioning:

  • Shayo.
  • Akpako Master.
  • Jump and Pass.
  • Run mad.
  • Sangalo.

The list keeps on going on and on. right now time has passed and finally we see the king of madness coming back again. This time around we see him featuring the outstanding number one Starboy, Wizkid. Base on his previous tweets, Terry – G has announced that he had previously had a studio session with Wizkid and has recorded 4 songs in a single night. Terry – G also said, he will be adding 3 of those songs which he recorded with Wizkid in his upcoming album.

Now it’s no surprise that social media is in a massive uproar, as there are lot of suspense going on right now. Everyone is wondering, When is the album dropping? and Why is Terry – G coming back with an album?

Now looking at these two legends, we can say that the album is gonna be a banger. So get your dancing shoes ready and get those crazy jeans on, because it’s party time. Get ready to rock the street once again, get ready for mad jams as we expect from Terry – G. Also expect the Starboy, Wizkid to bring the vibe we all love. he once did it with Duncan Mighty, He can do it again with Terry – G.

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