Relationship is quite a big deal as it affects the entire life of humans of both gender, our day to day behavioral pattern is influenced by our relationship and friendship company too.

Wakhode.com.ng hereby identify 7 major signs that the woman you’re dating is going to be a problem for you if you marry.

  1. If she always want you to foot her bills: paying for the bills of a lady ain’t no big deal, but if she is the type who always thinks her problems can only be solved by her man is definitely a no go area for you. Ladies that think like this are no going to be an asset because they always want you to do everything for them, even if you’re not married to them.
  2. Material obsession: if she’s overly obsessed with material things, and shows intense signs of desperation to acquire jewelries and expensive gadgets, you need to stay clear not for your sake, but for the sake of your children. Ladies who exhibit these traits are usually not going to make good Mom’s due to their obsession for these things. The worse part is that she can leave you at any time especially when you don’t satisfy her material appetite.
  3. Cooks less: many ladies of our time belong to this table, they cook less and eat out all the time. They prefer fast foods and snacks than to make decent food. If your babe is here just know What to do…
  4. Ungrateful: some ladies flare up at any slight misunderstanding, while at this they say awful things And behave irrationally, if she is the type that returns your items during any argument, then you need to retrace your steps because she can dump you if the situation gets worse. Especially if she never says the word “Thank You”.
  5. The complainer: if she complains about every little thing you do, then she won’t give peace of mind in marriage. Play “Do not Disturb” by Omah Lay for inspiration 🥰
  6. The Party lover: a lover of events and parties cannot make a good wife, shes obsessed with parties and gatherings how then can she make a good wife and Mother? STAY OFF!!!!
  7. Prideful: If she thinks she’s better than anyone, or she can’t take orders from anyone. Then you should never get involved with such a lady. As a man, your respect is very important a prideful woman won’t respect you for any reason because she already she’s herself above you and will always challenge your authority in the house.

Young man flee for your life. You can never fulfil your potential with her by your side!

A word is enough for thee

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