Few hours after we received the report of the deceased of Barry Jhay’s label boss, Babatunde Oyerinde Abiodun known as Kashy

He was confirmed dead yesterday 7, March 2021, and the cause of his death was labeled, a suicide by some sources who claimed he’s battling depression and as a result, he threw himself out of his balcony.

Emerging reports have claimed that Kashy’s death is not suicide, the incident happened after he had a fight with his artiste, Barry Jhay.

However, before Kashy’s death, Barry Jhay had released a video showing his mouth dripping with blood saying he just got beaten by his label boss Kashy for doing nothing.

According to what he said in the video, he was just recording in the studio before Kashy whom he described as Jew (cultist slang used to refer to someone who does not belong to a cult group) rushed in and started beating him.

After wondering why a Jew got him beaten to pulp, it was gathered that some group of Cult men in Ghana visited Kashy’s residence and the visitation led to his death.

Pictures of the death scene, is however puzzling due to the position and expression of the corpse. Few Twitter users have expressed different views as regards the issues.

Kashy sister has also taken to her social media to accuse the singer of murder in a status she said;

Barry Jhay also took to his Instagram to express his surprise on the death if his boss in what many fans see as a disguise

What do you think?

Could Barry Jhay have coluded with cultists to end his Boss’ life after the fight?

Could Kash have committed suicide dressed like that and after the fight?

Let me know in the comments section 😁

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