Dencia, who is a Cameroon-born artist has come out on her social media handle to blast African artists. Dencia referred to them as being backward by offering free collaborations to international stars but charging their home-based artists.


While stating an example of an African artists that featured Beyonce for free, the fashion designer tagged ‘Africans as backward beings’ who prefer wealth over fame.

In her words,

“This is an example why Africans are a lil backward. You did a collab with Beyonce, didn’t collect $1, she made millions !! U go back home & charge broke artists first collabs. make it make sense. Y’all gotta pick money over fame sometimes. u want, collaborate with God, Win an Oscar if you ain’t collecting the money, all this don’t matter. But y’all can keep collecting clout & borrowing money to match the clout.”

Dencia Post

Her post has been getting lot of backlashes from fans of both Wizkid and Shatta wale.

See some reactions below:

DONT COLLECT EXPOSURE AS PAYMENT. If someone big recognized your then you are worth something.

Shatta wake getting ready to shatter Dencia. Since she doesn’t know how to mind her business

I really hope she’s not subbing Wizkid, else the internet won’t be funny for her

This is common among girls dey bil their broke boyfriends then nack d rich ones 4 free

If it was you Beyonce called for the collab. You would do the same. You probably would even bribe your way to her. Go and rest.

Dencia is a type of person that looks for her phone with her own phone torchlight

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