Dear heroes,

This is a dirge from the heart that knows the essence of breath & the reality embedded in the irony of life. This is a recollection of your souls on earth even till yestarday morning, just yestarday like every other day you all were a living soul & a testimony of existence. How tragic is life!

The death that visited you shoved helplessness unto our faces & have its way when the voices in our throats seized to voyage the streets of sound. It clutched your souls out of your beings; setting untimely your scorching suns at noon while afflicting the nation with the brokenness of your losses while your families mouths are full of dirges.

Dear Attahiru, Abdulkadir, Olayinka, The death that took you trio wasn’t fair enough, it pierces our hearts with grief; translating our emotions in sorrow filled languages comprehensible only by those who have been shot by the arrow of demise.

Dear Kuliya, Hamzat, Hayat, Umar,

You all rogered in command even when your frail souls wasn’t good to go, you abandoned your families in exchange for our peace. You sacrificed your lives even at the alter of death. How could death not have seen all this things still?

Dear Asaniyi, Olufade, Adeshina,

You paddled the boat of death to the shore for us throughout your lives; so we can sleep and snore on tranquility mattress with ease, how could you have gone soon still?

Oh death! Why didn’t you exercise patience with these souls whose innocence were the emblem of peaceful living for our land? Why didn’t you concur with the deal of replacing their patriotism with long life, so you can come back in future years to carry out your aim when their heads must have been gray with hair & their mouths toothless? Oh death! If only…if only…Oh heroes! You’ll forever live in our hearts. We beg the lord in appeasing tones to grant your souls an eternal rest. Live on!


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