Dear Upcoming artist avoid these 5 things, if you wanna hit.

Due to The aggressive rise of the digital society, lots of entertainers have emerged celebrities by utilizing technology and free digital platforms as tools for success.

Everyday the social media recieves millions of content both from celebrities and upcoming or underground entertainers.

However there are silly things we do when we try to let the world know us and recognize our talent. In this article I shall buttress the 5 major things that many upcoming entertainers do which may kill their dream of becoming a celebrity or superstar.

Before I commence I’d like to remind you of an article I dropped on teamwork recently, it surely would help your journey too

Cloning of Characters:

This happens when you try to be like an existing superstar and by doing so you copy his/her styles and pattern and incorporate them into your works.

This is very bad and may be a very obvious reason why you may not be known because people won’t see your talent as different. The industry gives high priority to exceptional talents and not copycats. @wakhode We have seen many artists and comedians talk like someone they are not, and we have seen such people fade easily when they couldn’t keep up. So always be yourself and create your style and pattern so you’ll remain ever fresh and classic.


Many of the entertainers we have now don’t want to walk through the process of building a long lasting brand image. They are mostly obsessed with the fame, so much that they seek for shortcuts which may help bypass the protocols and make them stars overnight.

Desperate for record label signings:

As an upcoming entertainer don’t be in a haste to be signed into any record label. Some contracts are toxic and can ruin your entire dream and plans in the industry. Some artists even pay for forms, can you imagine? A record label will use your talents and gifts, your life and death to make money and all some upcoming artist can think of is to beg them inform of paying and bribing their ways into the label? That’s so unwise and reason why they are offered unfavorable contracts. So if you are an upcoming artist, don’t chase labels, let labels chase you.

Obsession with Women:

Money and women is a strong attachment for entertainers in the industry, it is natural for women to come around you always especially when you’ve got smooth flows and charm, but it is also necessary for you to have sense and create a limit as to how far you should reach when it comes to flirting especially with women.

Women are one of the pillars of the entertainment industry. You’ll see Alot of women of many class both ones who Can help polish your career and those who just wanna have a nice time riding you all the time, you’ll also find those who have nothing to offer you than to poison your dream and drag you out of the scene making you non relevant and out of focus. My advise for you here is to identify these women and know how to deal with them accordingly, but all the same careful.

Don’t beg but be Humble:

This is very common for artists I’ve met over the years, majority of whom come to my dm begging me to do something for them or help them out. They do it elsewhere and all the time too. It is normal to seek support, but it is very stupid to beg people to listen to your music or download your track or worse of all, share your updates. The truth is many people find it annoying. I would definitely ignore persistent messages begging me to do one thing or the other for the sake of your music promotion. You can ask people to please repost your music or download them, but when the messages becomes too much, they start seeing you as a nuisance who only knows how to bug em with unnecessary messages and waste their data. Mind you, begging people does not show that you’re humble but desperate and you’ll always be ignored.

Lastly avoid Pride it is very dangerous

Stay safe and be cool.

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