BBN reality star, Ka3na has taken to her Instagram handle to reveal what she has achieved in life, stating that she built two houses at the age of 22.

Ka3na, who made headlines on children’s day when she urged young people under the age of 18 to stay clear social media and enjoy their life.


According to Ka3na, the journey to adulthood is bleaching and suffocating.

However, in a recent post, Ka3na gave fans a view of what she has achieved starting from the age of 19.

Sharing some of her throwback pictures, she wrote:

My journey started at 16!
@ 19yrs, CEO of two fashion stores.
@ 22yrs, Built my first two houses.
@ 24yrs, Bought my third house, and blessed with motherhood.
@ 26yrs, Famous, Launched My Fashion Brand, Bagging Deals… it can only get better from here

I should do this more to encourage young women who look up to me , my darlings bragging comes along with hard work. Remember life starts where you begin… No Rush! #ka3nathebosslady

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