Berets, have you ever been harassed for wearing a particular color?

A Beret is a round flattish cap of felt or cloth available in varieties of color. the beret is a felted mass of contradictions. It can symbolize French simplicity or an auteur’s complexity, military authority, or revolutionary ideology. … With no brim to block a soldier’s sightline, the beret has become standard-issue military headwear across the world.

In Africa, it has become a major accessory for activities and societies advocating for a particular ideology, in churches it is a unique part of the female choir and other female officials. However, some confraternities and extreme groups also adopted its usage as a distinct part of their fashion purposely for identity and solidarity purposes.

Some Nigerian celebrities like Mery Chinwo, Simi, Bigwiz, Kizz Daniel, and others wear berets to compliment their style and fashion.

Various confraternities in Africa have their unique color combination complimented by a beret. These groups tend to harass individuals who feature a color that is identical to their group’s color code especially if such color is seen on a cap or beret of anyone.

Wakhode in this feature wants to learn from victims of harassment caused by these group members for unconsciously wearing clothes and apparel which feature their colors.

Have you ever been harassed for wearing a particular color of Beret or cloth?

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