When you like a guy or you’re in a relationship, there are always going to be little things here and there that you can interpret as signs that he likes you back or wants to be in the relationship……even if there are far more warning signs telling you he doesn’t!

And, you probably have some lovely, supportive friends who tell you you’re right. When you tell your mates about a conversation you’ve had with a guy you like, they’re likely to tell you that yes, that eye contact he gave you does mean that there’s something between you. They may not tell you the actual truth because they don’t want to affect your emotions or feelings.

Here are 5 signs he’s not interested in the relationship, or just playing with your feelings:

1. He’s never shown a shred of jealousy.

Now, of course, the last thing you want is to get involved with a jealous and possessive man. The type that’s going to try to control you, or is incapable of trusting you. Just NO. But, a little bit of jealousy here and there is a very good sign.

After all, if you see a guy you’re dating speaking to another woman or hear him mention an ex, you’re probably going to feel at least a little bit jealous. If you want to test the waters to see if he’s into you or not, you could try mentioning that you’re going for lunch with your best guy friend, and see what his reaction is. If he Loves you and still wants you, you’ll know.

2. You don’t get his full attention.

When you’re together, he’s always distracted watching his phone or busy chatting with friends on social media. Everyone can seem distracted now and again if they have something big going on in their life taking up their head space.

But if they consistently don’t seem to really be in the room when you’re together, you can safely conclude that you’re not a priority for him, as in you are not as important as you thought.

3. You can’t think of any nice things he’s done for you.

If you like him, I’m willing to bet that you’ve already made countless little gestures that would prove it to him, if he was open to them.

But he’s not, and he hasn’t reciprocated. If you sit down and think about it, you can’t think of one nice thing that he’s ever gone out of his way to do for you. He’s always making excuses to avoid such.

4. Your relationship is pretty much entirely based on sex.

You never see each other if sex isn’t involved. Most of your interactions occur late at night. And, the sex is pretty centered on his needs, not on yours. Your relationship is just sex intensive, and when there is no sex involved he just won’t be available.

5. He never contacts you first.

When we like someone, we all try to play it cool, but most of us tend to fail, whether male or female. If he likes you, he will always want to talk to you anytime he is free and with sufficient credit.

If he likes you, you’ll be on his mind, and he’ll want to know if he’s on yours.

But if it’s always you who’s making contact first, that’s a sign that whilst he’s happy to chat to you if you initiate things, he’s not keen enough to reach out to you.

This applies to women too.

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